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Urban aquatic ecosystems are extremely relevant connectors between people, animals and plants, making cities more biodiverse and sustainable. Yet, these ecosystems are often confronted with lack of space, cuts of vegetation, artificialization, and other urbanisation processes. This degradation can lead to numerous disservices to humans in regard to emerging pathogens, decreasing disease resistance, climate change impacts and other health concerns in cities.


OneAquaHealth aims to improve the sustainability and integrity of freshwater ecosystems in urban environments.  By investigating the interconnection of ecosystem health and human wellbeing, the project will identify early warning indicators and enhance environmental monitoring with AI-assisted tools. As a result, the project will support decision-makers in finding adequate and timely decisions as well as effective measures to restore aquatic ecosystems health and promote OneHealth.


By filling knowledge gaps and by adopting the One Digital Health (ODH) principles, policy instruments for the management of urban aquatic sites can be improved substantially. The project will develop digital tools – an Environmental Surveillance System, a Decision & Support System and a CitizenScience App to raise awareness and to engage all relevant stakeholders to jointly achieve thriving ecosystems and healthier communities for the future.

Date: May 21st, 2024 / 11:00am CET

Location: Online

OneAquaHealth project and Wise Angle Consulting S.L (OneAquaHealth work package leader) are delighted to invite you to a webinar dedicated to share experiences and viewpoints on the most successful engagement strategies in Citizens Science projects and the usage of Mobile Applications.

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