Our Collaborations

The GreenerAge project (Erasmus + 2021-1-FI01-KA220-ADU-000033502) aims to create a low-threshold and playful access to an environmental and digital literacy platform for citizens 55+, promoting a self-reflective, positive, and empowering tool for environmental and climatic issues. Combined with improved digital skills, the GreenerAge project empowers citizens 55+ to adopt healthier behaviours for themselves and the planet, promote a more active citizenship with other citizens in other EU countries and their intergenerational cooperation, influencing their family members, neighbours, and friends towards the adoption of more environmentally friendly habits and behaviours. A comprehensive Compendium on green literacy, a digital gamification interactive learning platform, a high-quality trainer manual and policy recommendations are made available for informal and non-formal learning free of charge.

The AFECO project (Erasmus+ 2022-1-NL01-KA220-ADU-000086242) aims to promote older adults’ skills and competences that allow them to analyse and use affordable age-friendly and eco-friendly principles in their physical environment (at home or in the neighbourhood). Age-friendly and eco-friendly principles should work complementarily and supportively to create the right conditions for social inclusion, active ageing and ageing in place, through an environmentally responsible way of living.

The main objective of AFECO is to develop a well-structured and open e-learning platform aiming to raise awareness and educate older people, (in)formal caregivers and social workers. Complemented with a baseline study, a curriculum and a validation handbook, the project seeks to empower people to make informed, healthier, and greener choices in their own living environments.

SIRENE | Social Innovation Responsive Environments NETwork is a Horizon Europe-funded project (GA 101096077) that started in November 2022 to support the growth of social innovation ecosystems delivering eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) implementation in Europe. The project is developing a workable framework for investment and the broad adoption of high-quality smart living solutions, combining the housing sector and ICT infrastructure.

The Social Innovation framework of SIRENE is co-created with the Expert Hub – a group of more than 50 experts from the EU-27 and beyond, representing various fields such as health and social care, housing, ICT, policy and funding, and urban transformation. The project also delivers an online repository that compiles relevant resources and an online community platform for knowledge exchange. SIRENE aims to create an impact by empowering social and private entrepreneurs to improve the well-being and housing conditions of the European population.