ENORA Innovation Showcases Revolutionary AENEA Method at IEEE International Workshop in Milan


Milan, Italy – OneAquahealth proudly participated in the esteemed IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Engineering, held in Milan, Italy, from October 25th to 27th During this important scientific event, in the Session of Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Sustainability of Measurement Systems, Symeon Symeonidis from ENORA Innovation from Athens, Greece, Luigi Esposito and Nadia Piscopo from Federico II University in Naples, Italy, and Oscar Tamburis from the National Research Council of Italy and chair of this Session,  in collaboration with esteemed colleagues across Europe, presented the publication under the title “Enhancing Urban Environmental Sustainability through Unified Stakeholders Needs Co-creation Process (AENEA).”  This groundbreaking work involves authors from respected institutions which participate in the OneAquahealth project, including Georgios Koutalieris and Iphigenia Kapsomenaki from ENORA Innovation, Maria João Feio from the Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre at the University of Coimbra, Arriel Benis from Holon Institute of Technology in Holon, Israel, and Carina Dantas, Miriam Cabrita, Harm op den Akker from the SHINE 2Europe team in Coimbra, Portugal. The collective expertise of these individuals underscores the transdisciplinary approach essential for tackling today’s environmental and technological challenges.

The AENEA concept, a novel software co-creation methodology rooted in the principles of the One Digital Health (ODH) framework, combines Agile methodologies with co-creation processes for the iterative development of valuable products in innovative application scenarios. Highlighted for its versatility, AENEA enhances adaptability and responsiveness in dynamic research environments, driving user-centric innovation. This approach not only aligns software development with user needs but also fosters the integration of public knowledge and active engagement in scientific projects.

Significantly, the AENEA methodology is being utilized in the OneAquaHealth (OAH) project, a Horizon Europe initiative aimed at enhancing urban sustainability. The project demonstrates AENEA’s effectiveness in monitoring and assessing urban water streams with advanced technologies, emphasizing the balance between environmental sustainability and urban development. ENORA Innovation’s presentation at the IEEE workshop not only brought this transformative research approach to an international audience but also set the stage for further collaborations in the realm of environmental sustainability and public health.


Author(s): ENORA Innovation