Rivers in Oslo – one of the research sites in OneAquaHealth

The City of Oslo has 13 rivers / freshwater ecosystems, and Oslo Elveforum ( Oslo River forum) are very active in protecting and taking care of the rivers, contribute to reopening streams and stimulate activities for all.

Hoffvassdraget Venner (Facebook link), is one of the members of Oslo Elveforum, and also one of the smaller rivers or streams that is a sampling site for us in OneAquaHealth. Right now most of the streams are covered with snow and we are looking forward to more activity in the spring.

The community members in Hoffvassdragets venner have prepared a great information brochure available for all, that shows the walkway and access points to the system of small rivers. It also provides information about points of interest, like places to prepare ice-blocks before the time of the refrigerator, old farms and mills as well as birds, salamander, shell and other life in the blue-green space. 

The brochure can be downloaded here: