OneAquaHealth at the HL7 May 2023 Working Group Meeting


At the HL7 May 2023 Working Group Meeting, OneAquaHealth HL7 team made an introductory presentation about the OneAquaHealth project to the HL7 Mobile Health workgroup members. The presentation not only covered the fundamentals of the project but also showed the potential touch-points with the digital health standards world and how, potentially, HL7 standards (like FHIR) may play a role. The potential options are: (1) Creating a OneAquaHealth FHIR Implementation Guide, (2) Adding attributes to existing FHIR Resources and (3) creating a new HL7 FHIR resource.

LtoR: Gora Datta (HL7, IEEE, ISO/TC215, OneAquaHealth), Catherine Chronaki (HL7, OneAquaHealth), Frank Ploeg (HL7, ISO/TC215, CEN/TC251), Ken Fuchs (IEEE, ISO/TC215), Mathew Graham (HL7, Mayo Clinic)


Author(s): Gora DATTA, HL7