The Holon Institute of Technology presented OneAquaHealth during a webinar organized by DEETECHTIVE project


The Holon Institute of Technology, a partner organization in the OneAquaHealth consortium had a great opportunity during a webinar organized by the DEETECHTIVE, to raise awareness on the project’s activities and goals. The participants, who included more than 160 industry professionals, academic staff, and students, showed a lot of interest and curiosity about the OneAquaHealth project and its technological aspects.

DEETECHTIVE project aims to transform higher education institutions (HEIs) into more entrepreneurial and innovative universities that can have a positive impact on their ecosystems. The project is based on the idea that the world is changing rapidly due to the Industry 4.0, social media, and the COVID-19 pandemic, and that HEIs need to adapt and embrace new ways of working, innovating, and studying. The project focuses on deep tech, which are technologies that are based on scientific discoveries or engineering innovations, and that can solve complex problems and create new opportunities. The project also uses open innovation, sharing economy, and social product development, which are approaches that involve collaboration, co-creation, and sharing of resources and knowledge among different stakeholders.

Author(s): Prof. Arriel Benis, HIT – Holon Institute of Technology