ENORA Innovation Advances Urban Aquatic Health Research at EUROGEO Workshop 2023


Bolzano, Italy – 2-4 October 2023 – ENORA Innovation made a significant impact at the EUROGEO Workshop 2023  with the presentation on the OneAquaHealth project. The Experts George Koutalieris and Symeon Symeonidis from ENORA Innovation, Athens, in collaboration with Maria Maria João Feio from the University of Coimbra, unveiled their latest research on utilizing earth observations for the surveillance of urban aquatic ecosystems and emphasized the project’s importance for public health in the wake of urban environmental changes.

OneAquaHealth, a European research initiative, taps into the advanced capabilities of earth observation technologies to track and assess alterations in urban water bodies that are crucial for ecosystem and human health. The project aligns with the workshop’s theme, focusing on “Climate-Induced Disasters and Health Challenges: The Contribution of EuroGEO and GEO-CRADLE Initiatives and the Way Forward.” promoting One Health with the assessment of the quality of urban aquatic ecosystems and, more specifically:

  • Identifying key parameters that influence the health of freshwater ecosystems and their impact on human health and well-being in urban settings.
  • Fostering a symbiotic relationship between nature and humans, recognizing that enhancing conditions in one domain leads to positive outcomes in the other.

The presentation underscored the collaborative effort within the European community to tackle health risks and ecological disruptions brought on by climate change. The presentation shed light on how integrating EuroGEO and GEO-CRADLE initiatives enhances the predictive and responsive capabilities of environmental monitoring, facilitating proactive measures against potential disasters.

Author(s): ENORA Innovation