The second workshop of the local allies of Benevento took place on 7 October 2023 within the “Urban Nature” event organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Benevento, one of the OneAquaHealth (OAH) project allies. The day began with a walk along one of the waterways, which was chosen from the OAH sampling sites of Benevento. During this activity citizens discussed with the sampling sites’ leader and the WWF and LIPU associations about the conditions of the stream, its function and use within the urban tissue of Benevento. The afternoon program included a meeting with Local Allies and the citizens of Benevento to discuss the potential and critical issues of the urban rivers. The discussion originated from the reports “Nature in the city and initiatives for the rivers” (Camillo Campolongo WWF Benevento). Representatives of the OneAquaHealth project” (Luigi Esposito University of Naples Federico II), “The city and its rivers” (Rossella Del Prete University of Sannio), “Nature protection and hydraulic maintenance” (Marcello Stefanucci LIPU Benevento), “The project adopts a river” (Paolo Palummo Rotary club Benevento), Luigi Esposito, Nadia Piscopo and Oscar Tamburis (National Research Council of Italy – Partner in OAH) illustrated the progress of the Horizon OneAquaHealth project in Benevento and in particular the definition of the 20 sampling sites and the formalization of the “Local Alliances Benevento”. At the moment, out of 14 allies, which were contacted, 8 have regularized the collaboration methods. The administrative part is expected to be concluded by the end of October, 2023.

Figure 1: Snapshot of the event’s presentation illustrating the local alliances in Benevento, Italy


Author(s): Luigi Esposito, University of Naples Federico II