Visit to the future OneAquaHealth research sites in Oslo


Earlier in June the team of UiO visited several of the rivers and streams that will be the OneAquaHealth research sites in Oslo, Norway. There are 10 main rivers in Oslo, and the streams, brook and creeks connected to the main rivers gives a nice variety in terms of biodiversity, degrees of urbanisation, examples of re-opened streams as well as historic remains  and cultural activities. Currently UiO is setting up a local alliance, and this time members of  Hoffsvassdragets venner- see – generously showed sites and shared histories about the life around the brook, for example creeks coming together by Dronningfossen and dams used for ice production in the past.  The small selection of pictures demonstrate some highlights of what the UiO representatives found and learned, and looking forward to share form their next visits.


Facebook group “Hoffvassdragets venner,, (Accessed on 28.06.2023)