OneAquaHealth at MIE 2023 – the biggest Swedish conference on medical informatics

Representatives of the project consortium joint the EFMI conference, which was organised by the Swedish Society for Medical Informatics (SFMI) and European Federation for Medical informatics (EFMI).

The conference took place in Gothenburg, Sweden between 22th and 25th of May, 2023 and had the topic “Caring is Sharing”. The event was closely connected to the rapid development of health data sharing taking place both in Europe and globally. It focused on the opportunities of health informatics and the research within the EFMI community to enable trustworthy sharing of health data to improve human health. This includes healthcare, community care, self-care and public health, as well as innovation and development of future proof digital health solutions. [1]

OneAquaHealth was represented by six members of the consortium. The project organised a workshop with a duration of 90 minutes, and presented a poster at a dedicated booth at the exhibition area. The conferences was attended by more than 500 participants for MIE and more than 2000 participants for Vitalis SFMI.

Author(s): Patrick Weber, European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI)

References: [1] EFMI MIE2023 conference website (2023),, Accessed on 09.06.2023

Links: Proceedings of the conference.

Keywords: Medical Informatics Europe, conferences, poster