OneAquaHealth at Medical Informatics Europe 2023

Announcing the launch of OneAquaHealth, a European project to protect urban aquatic ecosystems to promote One Health

The OneAquaHealth (OAH) consortium is proud to announce that the Workshop “One Digital Health for OneAquaHealth: Bridging human health and wellness to interdisciplinary biodiversity preservation” has been accepted for the MIE 2023 Conference (Medical Informatics Europe), as one of the most important happenings for the (not only EFMI’s) Health Informatics Community.

During the workshop a brief overview of the OneAquaHealth project and the ODH framework will be presented. The introductory part will aim to highlight key design considerations of the research and development processes and partners efforts including:

  •  the importance of the OAH project in a public health informatics perspective – involving relevant stakeholders to raise their awareness to the importance of urban streams and rivers and supporting them with adequate digital tools to guarantee environmental monitoring;
  • the concept of ODH Intervention in the process of developing a common and standardized early warning Environmental Surveillance System for urban aquatic ecosystems.

A breakout group discussion will follow to generate ideas and challenges based on the list of proposed human health and ecological indicators, along specific themes designing experiments.The event will seek to promote the activities of the EFMI ODH WG engaging the EFMI community in the OneAquaHealth project. At the same time, the Medical informatics and digital health community members, and particularly students and young professionals (e.g., members of yEFMI) will be invited to join and be inspired towards key research problems at the intersection of human, animal, and environmental health.

Please refer to the abstract on the workshop to learn more about its concept and goal.